Elementary data, i.e., information about the premises, units (departments), subjects and the curriculum, it simply needs to be entered once and can be updated and edited as desired.

Example of entering subjects:

room groups:

or example of reservations (unavaibled terms) for a room:

In arrangements, each year -  teachers and rooms are assigned to individual classes. This can be done by units:

or by teachers:

Composing the timetable

The program generates timetables automatically, taking into account the criteria of a good timetable:

 If the program can not find suitable term for a particular class without violating the conditions of a good timetable, the subject remains unscheduled, and can be sceduled interactivelyThe the timetables can be edited interactively by units:

or by teachers:

The program helps by showing all of the necessary information about the selected subject  (where the teacher or the room is already occupied, reservations of units, teachers and rooms, etc.). While making a timetable one can always switch between timetable of the unit and timetable of teacher that teach the particular subject.


When some teachers are absent 

the program suggests the most appropriate teacher for the replacement.


All reports can be previewed on screen before printing. 

One can print all entered data, as for example, umits' arrangements:

 Timetables can be printed out for each unit (teacher, room) individualy:

or for all units (teachers, rooms) at the same time in a tabular form:

You can also choose which information you would like to see on the timetables and disregard other information.

Replacement report can be printed for teachers

and units:

Timetables can also be exported to html (for publishing on the web)